Lost in the Mists

Life #32 - The Howling

We ran through the woods from Gregor and his group. After running through the dark, chilly forest we were beset upon by Gregor’s barbarians. While they seemed fully capable of terrorizing the people of the town, they proved no match for us. We quickly beat them and continued our flight towards Barovia.

As we ran the howls grew louder and were getting closer and closer. Soon, as we neared an icy river, a group of werewolves burst out of the forest and attacked. We focused our attacks on one at a time in order to combat their regeneration. Though the fight was difficult, we succeeded and continued on.

We continued to run for over an hour, with the sounds of our pursuers growing fainter. We weren’t sure what that meant, but we didn’t wait to find out. After one of the longest hours of my many lives, we reached the base of the mountain pass that would take us to Barovia.

It was then that Gregor showed himself. He was there with some more of his lupine followers. He offered to allow us to join his pack and he would give us the gift of his curse. When we refused the fighting began. Luckily, Goodman had a vial of alchemical silver he acquired in Nova Vassa and coated Saima’s weapon with it. That certainly helped, but the fight was still brutal. Between Gregor’s pack and Gregor himself, we had our hands full. While Saima’s silvered weapon helped mitigate their healing abilities, she couldn’t attack all of them. But by focusing our attacks again, we were able to best them all.

With Gregor’s terror over, we ascend the mountain and go onward to Barovia. What terrors await us there, I wonder?



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