Lost in the Mists

Life #32 - The Mad Merchant

With Councilman Farley safe, we began searching for the source of the golem. We were unable to detect any necromantic energies, but nonetheless we went back to the cemetary.

When we arrived at the cemetary we discovered that the groundskeeper had been slaughtered. We moved on, further into the cemetary, and as we did the shadows around us grew, and then swallowed up everything around us. The lights were snuffed out and an eerie stillness crept over us. Slowly an awful moaning began picking up around us. At first they sounded tortured, but as they grew more clear, we realized they were exultant. And then suddenly, the darkness retreated and we were in front of the newly dug graves for Rivers and Joanas. The ghost of DuRay appeared before us. He was furious, and began telling us of Vosk and his quest for power. After some prodding we were able to get DuRay to admit that Giles, the merchant, was the one who brought DuRay back. Then DuRay raised the bodies of Rivers and Joanas and all three attacked us. Goodman used the light of the Morning Lord to give us the winning edge in the battle.

We found Giles in his home by the water. He talked about his previous involvement with a cult to the Elemental Chaos, but now, here in Ravenloft, he had some new, darker lord. Giles was mad, he was giggling constantly, and seemed to babble at times. His manner was congruent with the walls of his home, which he had smeared insane messages onto. Giles continued speaking gibberish, telling us at one point that we were going to replace Vosk. Finally, he attacked us, and we quickly put him down.

I don’t know who this new dark lord is that Giles kept talking about, but I fear what it may mean for us and any chance we have at escaping Ravenloft.



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