Lost in the Mists

Life #32 - Tomb Raiders

With the carnival gone, we knew what we needed to do. We needed to discover how to defeat Vosk. I began studying the Guides of Dr. Rudolph van Richten that we acquired from Pacail. Most of the books had nothing to offer in terms of new insights for me. And I actually discovered several errors in the volume that focused on demons. The last two that I read, however, discussed the Mists and the Dark Lords. Here is where I found a great deal of new information.

In the book concerning the Dark Lords, van Richten wrote of “fetters”. These fetters were items that tied the Dark Lord to their realm. If you destroy the fetters, you could conceivably destroy the Dark Lord.

When we met with Madame Fortuna, she spoke of the “Key to the Tower, the Sword of the Brother, and the Crown of the King.” After discussing it for a while we deduced that the Key to the Tower was likely the Mantle of the Regent that Trogen wore until his death. The Sword of the Brother was likely the sword of Hans the First. And the Crown of the King was the crown of Tobias IV, who would had been buried with his crown.

We went to Trogen’s family crypt to get the key first. There we found that the entire crypt had been ransacked. It seemed to have happened quite some time before our arrival. Goodman used his ritual to speak with the body of Trogen, so that we might learn who took his mantle. Dark elves were to blame. They had tunneled up into the tomb.

In the floor of the tomb we found the tunnel that the dark elves had used to get in. We made it to a point where the tunnel split off in a few directions. There we were met by a group of the elves. We were able to defeat them and when only one remained, we took him prisoner. He explained that they were shadow elves, and had come from the Shadow Rift. The elves had given everything they stole from the crypt to their leader, Fanndis, Queen of the Cold Waste.

We explained to our hostage that it was in his best interest to lead us to his queen…



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