Lost in the Mists

Life #32 - You Are What You Eat

After the battle in the street was finally over, we needed to rush back to the green and put an end to the whole affair. As we approached the big tent the priests were ready for us. We found ourselves facing several vampire spawn that were protecting the priests. Goodman was able to dispatch several of the spawn by invoking the power of the Morning Lord.

We killed Fusan, but Dayan was able to turn into mist and fly into the tent. Lestin, now alone, surrendered. We tied him up so he could stand trial later. With everyone outside the tent taken care of, we rushed inside.

Inside the tent there were maybe a dozen people from Miredus who were dead and being devoured by the vampires. Their corpses were strewn all over. Roche sat on his throne, damn near giddy. Dayan had reformed and was standing by him. Goodman didn’t waste any time and again used the power of the Morning Lord to kill most of the vampire spawn with a cleansing holy light. What few vampire spawn remained I quickly dispatched so we could focus our attention on Dayan and Roche. Dayan fell quickly, still weakened from the fight outside. Roche was a much more difficult opponent than his appearance would lead one to believe. His massive bulk moved with superhuman speed and strength. But his terrible claws and insatiable appetite for our flesh were not enough. The sight of the dead townsfolk enraged all of us and Roche was defeated.

We saved most of the townsfolk. And Durgan will certainly praise us again for what we did here tonight. But I can’t help but feel it wasn’t enough. We failed those people who were killed in the tent. How much more can the people of Miredus take? They’ve seen so much tragedy here lately.



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