Lost in the Mists

New Beginnings

I have joined with the heroes from Miredus, and I find myself more impressed with their abilities after fighting alongside them, especially Barlow. He can predict the future by reading the stars! His predictions so far have been startlingly accurate. I wonder if his trade is common in Miredus, or if all who can do what he can share his eccentricity. I have not asked for fear of seeming ignorant to the others, although compared to their knowledge that is indeed what I am.

I will not dwell on the details of what happened, some are still painful to me and they are ultimately unimportant. What matters is results, and we were able so save eight children who had been taken from their families. Sadly four children were unable to return. I noticed that Saima was the only one who avoided any contact with the families of the deceased children. She attempts to hide a great sadness, and perhaps the others can’t see it, but it was very clear to me. Something other than the deaths of those children is eating at her.

Speaking of Saima, I have no idea what she is. She appears human but I can tell the cold didn’t bother her, and she appeared to drink the blood of our enemies during combat. It seems like it would be rude to ask and no one other than Goodman seems to have a problem with the blood drinking, so perhaps this is another Miredus normality.

Goodman amazed me with his presence. I never would have believed a man who looks like him could be remotely comforting to those grieving, but he was exceptional at it. Listening to him speak and sensing the truth and warmth to his words even made me feel better.

This less than perfect victory weighed on my soul in a way I’d only felt once before. When I first escaped Strahd and thought about Dianna’s death was the first time. It was stronger then, more overwhelming but still very much alike how I felt after seeing the dead children. I was able to shake this new feeling of dread quicker than some of my companions, but as we took our week of rest as “reward” for what we’d done I could see all of us overcome the grief. That is no small blessing, the challenges we face will be dangerous enough with a clear head.



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