Lost in the Mists

One missed step

I feared that my snoinapmoc might be startled by the changes within me, as well as my outward appearance. That fear was unfounded, as I now know. I could have worn a live chicken upon my head and spoke only in rhyme, and I am certain no one would have even noticed, so drastic were the changes to our skyward seeking brother, Barlow. For the briefest of stnemom I feared more for his future than my own.
That moment was cut short when my life, and head were almost taken from me by this creature that now bars our way. A creature who may in fact suffer a curse far worse than my own. It seems as if my fears for planning my own erutuf have allowed me to become distracted, and thus I mistepped in our flight through the woods. That one wrong step almost cost me everything. I must endeavor not to allow such things to happen again.

{all words spelled backwards are found written in Primordial}



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