Lost in the Mists

Saima's Journal: Fear of the Dark

After Lestin’s trial, he was hanged on the green. I wanted to see fear or remorse in his eyes, anything that would make me feel like justice had been served. But he smiled until the end, and his eyes were devoid of any feelings. I want to revel in his death, but I feel nothing. I feel empty. Its not just me, I can see it in the faces of the others. Its like we are all beginning to to fall apart. Now people are going crazy left and right, selling their souls and wills to whatever whispers them a flicker of hope in the dark.

Fools. Everyone is a goddam fool. No good can come from doing deals with evil things.

My companions and I recently uncovered a plot to kill Vosk and a number of the townsfolk during his announcement. Most discouraging was that the brains behind this operation was Revince, a Captain of the Order, and it was funded by Councilman Greyson. How are we supposed to have any hope when we can’t even trust those whose job is to protect us?
Greyson even went as far as to murder his wife, Elyse to bring forth the devil he had been dealing with. We may not even have known he was behind it if it hadn’t been for Goodman’s handy ritual to speak with the dead. Thank the gods that Greyson’s daughter, Megan, was not in the room when the devil reanimated her mother’s corpse. Before we dispatch of the devil, Al-Keymer, it tried to tempt me by promising to reunite me with my own daughter. Desperation and impulsiveness opened my ears, but my companions started the fight before it could tempt me further. After defeating Al-Keymer we then found Revince and his followers setting up explosives on The Green. We fought them, the once again reincarnated Al-Keymer, and a frost devil. It was a close call, but we were victorious again.

Vosk’s announcement to the people was even worse than we had all anticipated. He declared that he had appointed a champion. This so called “Champion” rode out on a black horse, dragging the conspirators behind him, wailing in pain, and barely still alive.

Deep within my gut, I felt the first real feeling I have had in ages: Fear. I can taste it in my mouth, and smell it in the crowd. From the looks on my companions faces, I can tell they are thinking the same thing: Vosk and his Champion must be stopped.

I have much more to write, but when I turned the page of my diary, it appears someone has slipped a notice into it.

It seems I have been invited to the circus..



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