Lost in the Mists

Saima's Journal: Flagpole Sitta

Well, the Briny Pig and its crew are dead. When it became apparent that they were intent on destroying Miredus, we had no choice but to stop them. After we lit the boat on fire, we fought Cresson, Lumier, and some of the crew. It was a bloody battle, but we survived. After Zephyram dealt the final death blow to Cresson, I pulled a button off the captain’s jacket. Another decoration for my glaive. We sailed away in the dingy and watched as whoever we didn’t kill was taken by the flames and the sharks.

Once we reached the shore and reported to Durgan, we were given some time off to rest and recover. After all the sleeping I did last week, I don’t plan to sleep for some time. Lucky for me, Barlow now stays up all night studying the starry sky with his newly acquired spyglass. There is a strange comfort in spending time with Barlow. I don’t have to be alone, but I don’t have to go through the mundane effort of making small talk. Unlike most people, who regard me as a predator waiting to strike, he seems to be at ease with my quiet presence. I watch him mutter to himself, sometimes in excitement, sometimes in frustration, and write quickly, like a man who knows he is running out of time. By the second night, I realized he was forgetting to eat. Stirring the motherly instinct in me, I have begun cooking for him, making sure he eats, and covering him up with a blanket when the sun rises and he falls into a fitful sleep. I wonder what nightmares haunt his dreams. I want so very badly to ask him about what he said on the ship…

“By the way, did I tell you that your daughter is still alive?” he said, just after we set the ship on fire. Goddammit, Barlow.

I planned on asking, but part of me is afraid of what he will say. And part of me is very concerned about the fact that every night Goodman has been watching us. I’m partially annoyed at how incredibly not stealthy that giant metallic man is, but mostly I’m suspicious about why he is spying on us. Goodman used to be the warmest and friendliest of the group, but lately he’s been so ill tempered. And since we have reached the shore, he has been downright cold to me. Maybe something has taken him over? Maybe he knows something about the vampires that attacked me? Maybe he is in league with them??
Maybe I am just paranoid.

But then again, maybe I let my guard down too much with this bunch. I mean, what do I really know about them? Barlow is quickly losing his grip on reality, who knows when he will snap completely. Goodman, a strange metallic man whose appearance coincided with our arrival in Ravenloft, has spent the last few weeks trying to kill me with his glare. Lucas admitted that he was spying on us for weeks before joining the Midnight Watch. Doesn’t that raise any alarms for anyone else?? And Gavin, a man who apparently has no past, walks around with that blank look on his face and lately has been held unnaturally captivated by shiny objects. The only one who has actually been friendly to me is Zephyram. Maybe he is just being kind because he wants something from me?

I should watch my back from now on.



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