Lost in the Mists

Saima's Journal: The Truth Beneath the Rose

I guess its time I confess this to someone, even if its just my journal: In the chaos after we defeated Vosk, I took the remaining piece of the shattered Sword of the King. Garret looked around for it, but I felt compelled to keep it for myself. I studied it closely, but whatever magic it once held is gone now. When we decided to leave for the Mist, I reforged my glaive and attached the piece of the sword to it. I have caught Garret eyeing it suspiciously a few times, but despite his rapid loss of self control, he is still too reserved to say anything to me.

The dragon charm, the jester’s bells, and a bracelet of Megan’s that she gave me before we left are all tied to the glaive. I cannot and will not forget why I fight. I will not lose myself to the vampire beast in me. It’s harder now without Megan here to call to my human side.

We were attacked on the road, unsurprisingly. We defeated our ghostly enemies and carried on. Not too far outside a town we found three decapitated bodies. We sent Lucas to investigate the town and see if it was safe for us to enter. The setting of the sun brought us a fresh new horror: A headless horseman. We stood to fight him when we saw Lucas on the other side of the bridge into town screaming for us to cross over it into safety. We all made it, although I saved Garret from narrowly losing his head. He half smiled at me on the other side.

I think that was a thank you.

From the towns people and our own investigation, we found out the true tale of the Horseman: A man betrayed by the people he was sent to save. We didn’t even have to check in with each other about whether or not we were going to try to right this wrong. Somehow we have self appointed ourselves some sort of roving league of justice. We returned the horseman’s head and heart to his grave and then defeated his angry spirit. We also sent his murderer, the mayor, out of the town. His daughter…well… her guilt for her part in betraying the Horseman lead her to take her own life. What a waste.

Back to the road we go.



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