Lost in the Mists

Star Chart 768

Cosmic Event Q946-S294-M976: The star Cadris comes into alignment with five other celestial bodies. Two other stars intersect this alignment, Gaffis, the Laugher, and Vigrash, the Seer. One star is dominant over this stellar arrangement: Malikain, the Opponent. Very soon, myself and 5 other individuals will be experiencing conflict or threat with a dangerous pair of enemies.
I feel it was very important to examine my star charts this night. Tomorrow I join the Midnight Watch and I am, of course, concerned about what may transpire. My hope had been that by joining our nation’s defenders against this new darkness we find ourselves besieged by, I will be able to find a source of pure Darkness. After the completion of my Polyluminous -Omni-Optifier I discovered a significant flaw in the design. The device does in fact allow one to view the light of every star in the heavens, unfortunately the amount of light it produces is dangerous to observe with an unprotected eye. I believe when I discover the perfect Darkness which I seek I will be able to shield myself in order to safely view the night skies.
I must say I was disappointed to see conflict in my future instead of academic discovery, but at the very least I know I will have the aid of five others in this upcoming endeavor. I will have to examine these five stellar forms which align with my star. It will grant me insight into my new allies’ futures and how they will interact with my own ambitions and futures.



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