Lost in the Mists

Star Chart 899

Cosmic Event R247-S351-N120: The great star Acamar opens its maw wide and devours the star Raykair, the Traitor, which prior to now had been obscured by Janos, the Broken Mirror. Capria, the Mariner, is released by Raykairs grip and comes into alignment with the star Caldris, lead on by the guiding star Caiphon. Subtly in the distance, Nathraix, the Burning Tower, exerts it’s power over Caldris and the 5 other celestial bodies tied to it, a sure sign of a false peace, or hope.
We have returned to Miredus and, as it had already been written in the heavens, my friends and I have been victorious, in a manner of speaking at least. There were many dangers waiting for us when we left the ship in search of Captain Fermier. The presence of Gibbith in our future became evident when, before making it to the shore, we were attacked by some fell entity from the Far Realm. The things destiny was to fall before us and so it did, but still, it was not a pleasant experience. On the dark island we were able to find the captain of the Briny Pig, or at least, we found his corpse. The poor captain had died of exposer and, it would seem, betrayal. This had made it unable for him to pass on and his body was still quickened with rage. When we arrived at the place of his death he rose and attacked us with the aid of the undead corpses of some of his loyal crewmen, luckily for my allies and I, though the corpse star Hadar was ascending the night before, its zenith was not greater than that of our own celestial bodies, and in the end we vanquished our foes. It was there in the broken body of the Captain Fermier that I found what may have been the greatest discovery of my life: the captains spy glass.
After examining the lenses of this object I have determined that it is infused with the same fate binding powers that are possessed by the heavenly lanterns which stare down at us each and every night. I saw within the lenses the same purple light which pulses forth from the star Caiphon, the guiding star which can reveal anything, if one is willing to pay the price. The idea that such a simple instrument could possess such incalculable power is practically mind shattering. And to think, we were going to give it back to those filthy pirates. I am oh so glad destiny is on my side and had other plans for these omnipotent pieces of convex glass.
After returning to the ship the crew of the Briny Pig was ecstatic, though, not with us, only with the return of the spy glass. By this point I had already determined that the star Capria had nothing to do with the new Captain, and that, due to his betrayal of Captain Fermier, Cresson’s star was most likely Janos, or a hidden star guided by Janos. At this point I knew we could not trust him any further than we could swim past the sharks which circled the ship, so the next day when the Briny Pig continued to sail past its original mooring, straight towards Miredus I knew, unequivocally, that the crew of the Briny Pig intended to attack my homeland. Quickly, Saima, Lucas and I stopped the pirate that was sent to fetch the firearms for the rest of the crew while Goodman, Zephyram and Garret stayed above to make sure nothing happened. By the time we returned above deck, after setting the ship ablaze, something had, of course happened. I suppose that’s what happens when one leaves a chaos mage somewhere to maintain order. The melee was short, but violent, and I can say without remorse, that not a single one of those traitorous swine survived. Before the killing stroke Zephyram told Captain Cresson, with all the pomp and flair which a member of the divine host can muster, that he and his crew had earned their fate. The Captain told him we would never leave the realm of Ravenloft. Pity for the captain that without the spy glass, which I now possess, he could never know that as fact, and after I integrate the lenses into my Polyluminous -Omni-Optifier, I will be able to discover the fate of my cursed nation, and discover if we shall stand victorious or remain forever cursed like the crew of the Briny Pig.



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