Lost in the Mists

Star Chart 912

This evening, I see the night for the first time. ( scrawled at the top of the page.)
Cosmic Event R258-S377-N124: Mordred, the Emperor dominates the horizon, its brilliant light being feed by the dark spaces-in-between. Nathraix, the Burning Tower, slackens it’s hold over Laxis Seven as the ever-flickering comet Zalbraik floats dangerous close. Hadar’s hateful influence is clawed away from the dwarf star Galtris and for a fraction of time and space Astrid and Vaishis are in alignment once more. The celestial bodies Caldris, Rashlin and Ursa remain aligned with the others and all the while, Nox, the Darkness In-Between, crushes in, seeking to devour the light.

After learning a method of installing the lens of the Caprian spy glass into my Polyluminous -Omni-Optifier I had discovered it is much more difficult to keep track of all the new information which is visible to me, but with last night’s revelation given to me by that lunatic Giles, the equation which will help me find the answer to the fate of everything has now become oppressively complex. The new insight which has come to me is that the Darkness that rests in-between the stars is working in a way to obscure and counteract fate. Just as the light of the heavens guides each of our existences to their ultimate conclusions so-to does Nox, the Darkness In-Between, try to swallow our destiny and leave us with no futures of which to speak. As of right now I have no way of knowing whether this holds true in the reality which Miredus is originally from or if only the heavens of Ravenloft are so corrupted.
After reviewing what has transpired in the last few nights and reviewing my star charts I’ve been able to get a clearer picture of what I had been reading in the stars. I had been so worried about the asendent powers of Nathraix that I never bothered to notice that the Burning Tower was being influenced by Laxis Seven, of the Laxis Cluster. You see, the unquiet ghost of Nathan DuRay, had been stirred to anger by the efforts of the merchant master Giles. This man had made deals with the powers of chaos, but now it seemed this lunatic was fully under the influence of Nox. The Darkness In-Between seems to be sentient if Giles was to be believed. This thought is beyond terrifying. In his dilapidated home, he had torn away a section of the roof to give him a clear view of Vosks tower. Looking upon it I then came to realize the deeper darkness which surrounds the star Mordred was not the Emperor star devouring the light, but the influencing presence of Giles’ dark masters, or as I now know them to be, Nox.
I once again find myself in the midst of one of my frequent emotional conundrums. It was fated that Magistrate Rivers, and Joanas Rerkis would see their ends at the hands of DuRay. Also, the part my allies and I would play had already been written as well, and yet, I feel bad that I could not do anything to save them. Maybe this will be alleviated when I can more accurately translate the movements of the heavens. Perhaps the stars have already written in my ability to ready them more effectively. I will redouble my efforts. Nothing will escape my notice. I will see everything; the future will not be a mystery to me. I have already decided that Giles home will become my new observatory. Nox presses down heavily on Caldris, but Caiphons light will guide the way to truth!!!



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