Lost in the Mists

Star Chart 934

Cosmic Event R273-S407-N149: Acamar hold is released on Caldris and the five other celestial bodies bound to it, all the while Morstael, the Weeper hangs heavy in the distance. Caldris comes into alignment with both Gibbith and Laxis 12, drawn on this path by Caiphon, the Guiding star. Malikain, the Opponent, raises ascendant and all the while Mordred rests dominant above all.

These are very disturbing times. I feel that the carnival of the feasting lord has damaged me in some way. Since joining the Nights Watch I have seen some terrible things, but when we entered Roche’s tent, to see the bodies just piled upon one another, blood everywhere; I shudder at just the thought. I knew the names of every one of their stars, and yet I was impotent to stop what happened. The only thing that made the scene even worse was that some of them were still moving, and I knew that I could not save them. Curse this bleak and wretched place that would destine good people to die like that! The Darkness In-Between would see everything suffer. But what Nox does not understand is that the more knowledge I gain the closer the guiding star brings me to undoing its horrific vision. Yes, Caiphon shall show me the way. It matters little that the portents suggest that this knowledge may come at the cost of my sanity. It is a small price to pay to strike light directly into the very heart of darkness! By the light of all the stars in the heavens, Nox’s will shall not be done.



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