Azalin Rex

Lord of Darkon


Azalin is a tall, gaunt human man in his late 70s. He is often dressed in ornate and regal robes of a high wizard. He wore a black iron crown prior to the Requiem, now he wears a crown of silver and gold. Azalin often smells of rosewater, which often conflicts with his stern demeanor.


Azalin is the king of Darkon and is easily identified as the domain’s Darklord. He is a archmage of epic power. Azalin has ruled Darkon for over three hundred years, and clearly styles himself after the ancient king Aza’Lan Firan who ruled Darkon some five hundred years ago. The Eternal Order of the Endless Eye owes allegiance to Azalin and he is reported to have spies in every corner of the known world. Azalin clearly believes that secrets hold power, for he readily collects them. His influence is vast; people that speak out against him tend to vanish quietly.

It is an open secret the Azalin has found some method to extend his life far beyond the mortal limits. The people acknowledge that a man of such magical power could have easily found the elixir of life or any other famous artifact.

Azalin was the undisputed ruler of Darkon until seven years ago when the Requiem occured. After that time he was missing for 5 years while a vile specter calling itself Death reigned from Azalin’s throne. Azalin returned some two years ago and has regained control of his kingdom, though his capitol still rests in his rival’s hands.

Azalin Rex

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