Barlow Kaybair

A crystal clear certainty rests in his blue eyes, but, does it hide an incalculable genius, or an unquenchable madness...


Barlow Kaybair is an average man, of average height and weight with black hair, blue eyes and a calm demeanor. He would be a entirely average individual if it were not for his half-elven heritage and his bizarre past. . .


Cosmic Event Q857-S152-M849: The stars Kassalis Sigma and Molfais intersect paths with Caphon the Guiding Star. 9 months and 3 weeks later the star Cadris’ light reached our world. That was the event which transpired in the heavens on the night I was born. It defined my birth and will help to define my future. You see, our fates have already been transcribed in the stars. Don’t belive me? I’ll forgive your ignorance, allow me to give you proof.
The day I discovered my long absent elven father died at the hands of a pack of werewolves was the same day which his star Molfais crossed paths with the Lucarian Cluster, known by common people as the Wolf Stars. Not convinced?
My poor mothers star Kassalis Sigma had slowly been fading since I was 9, about the same time she contracted a wasting sickness. The star collapsed and vanished from the heavens the same day she drew her last breath. That was also the same day my star, Cadris, crossed paths with the star Maltis, the star which is a sign for great fortune. You see, my human mother’s family was quite rich and I inherited all her money when she died. Funny how these things work, isn’t it?
I believe I was 16 when I first read the Treaties of the Star Path, an exhaustive tome which explains how one can read star charts to divine the future and how to gain access to the strange powers which some stars offer to mortals. You may find it interesting that the night I read it my star crossed paths with Allabar, opener of the Way. It was shortly after finding this great truth that I decided it would be my life’s work to unlock the worlds vast pre-written history and know all the secrets which this world has to offer. It all would have work too if it weren’t for that faithful night when the stars vanished. Total darkness covered everything for a day. When the stars returned they had changed. 6 years of research ruined. The most frustrating thing was that I had found evidence of some big event coming, but I couldn’t see it all. This event revealed to me that some stars are to far away for my conventional instruments to see their light. I realized I needed to construct a tool to magnify those stars held back behind the darkness of the night sky. It’s almost done. Then I will be able to show you the genius behind my discovery. Soon the truths of this world will be revealed and the world will know it was my own brilliance which brought it to light.
h3. Theme song: Tarot: Ashes to the Stars

Barlow Kaybair

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