Vosk Faydan

The lord of Miderus


A tall but thin middle aged human. He has ash colored hair and a pale complexion. Vosk wore the gold and green of the King’s Blade in his youth. As Rearguard commander, he wore a heavily ornate suite of plate mail. As Regent and General, he rode into battle on an armored steed. Currently Vosk, when Vosk appears, he is dressed in tarnished armor with the crown of the king on his brow. He is very thin, almost emaciated, and his eyes are sunken and yellow.


Little is known about Vosk prior to his involvement with the King’s Blade. He volunteered to be in the Blades following the relative peace after the King’s War. His service record was unremarkable, but he became rearguard commander through unknown means. He used his position to bolster the troops of the Blade. When Trogen died, he was surprisingly voted in as Regent by the people of Miredus.

Within months of becoming Regent, a terrible drought struck the kingdom. Vosk advocated for an aggressive war against the enemy kingdoms surrounding Miredus. He won support and led the Drought War. In this conflict his skill proved to incredible and he defeated two kingdoms within a month, and defeated the remaining within the season.

There were growing rumors that Vosk committed many atrocities against the other kingdoms. He marched on Miredus with the entirety of the King’s Blade and claimed himself King, and none sought to oppose him. At his coronation, something terrible happened and the kingdom was cursed.

The King’s Blade is no more and Vosk is locked away in his tower. He never leaves it, but sometimes appears on the parapet to give decrees. The people of Miredus are to govern themselves, but to follow the King’s decree. Few have sought to bring Vosk to justice for his crimes, and those that have often go missing.

Vosk Faydan

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