Lost in the Mists

Hymn to the Morning Lord, Verse 12 & 13

Carnival of enlightenment

But the Morning Lord saw fit to give His light to the faithful, and the people of Meridus had joy. A mysterious carnival appeared, with mysterious flyers appearing from nowhere heralding it. And while initially thought to be devious, the points eventually vetted it’s safety for the people and reported thus to the Council.
Upon their return the points were given audience with Madame Fortuna, a Vistani woman wiser than her theatricality hinted at. Fortuna dealt a message to the points with her deck, giving insight to help (or hinder) the points and their enemies: the Villain, the Fallen and the Playwrights.
To the native: Judgement. To the seer: The Hanged Man. To the walker-between: The Devil. To the divine wrath: High Priestess. To the change: The Tower. And to Your humble servant: Wheel of Fortune.
Each of the points read meaning into their telling, but Madame Fortuna warned unto them that once predicted, the Playwrights would seek to alter things.
The adversaries were also given a glimpse of fate, so that the points might be better prepared to overcome.
Finally, the points were told that they would visit unto two more fortune tellers, but only one could be trusted.
Departing from Madame Fortuna, the points were met with Professor Pacail, arbiter of the freakshow. He pled for assistance against the Mistress of the carnival, calling her Succubus, referring to books from a man called Van Richten. As proof, he submitted a fearsome Man-beast and hideous flesh abominations kept secreted away. His fervor made Your humble servant wary, however, so the points agreed to talk to Mistress Isolde fore passing judgement.
The Mistress, though initially off-putting, rapidly won over the points with her empathy and earnest nature. She agreed to let any who would leave do so, and join the ranks of Meridus.
The Professor, seeking more bloodshed than justice, was not pleased with this and quickly led his freaks and abominations in an attack on the points and carnival at large.
The points, along with Mistress Isolde, gave them a clean passing, and then began to depart, less the Champion come meter out some of his justice on those not invited into Meridus.
As she departed, Isolde gave one last bit of knowledge from Madame Fortuna: to defeat the Playwrights the points would need the key to the tower, the sword of the brother and the crown of the king.
Vosk’s tower loomed large above as they said their farewells.
Give light, Morning Lord, that we may see.



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