Lost in the Mists

Hymn to the Morning Lord, Verse 17

An adversary falls

The villain revealed, Your light banishing any shadows behind which he might hide. Stolen into his chamber The Points found themselves faced with many misguided souls to batter aside, striking with the Sword of the King into the heart of Vosk’s vile being. His corporeal form ended, his spirit refused to rest. The points redoubled their efforts and finally managed to bring an end to Vosk’s evil reign.

Your humble servant felt a rush of triumph and pity at destroying his old friend. The kingdom no further improved with his passing. Days became weeks and still nothing changed in the land. The people cast nervous glances at the tower no longer, it being felled to the ground, but few smiles were still to be seen.

Thus this hymn does come to a close. Your light shall continue to shine, as it always has and always will. Let it shine out forever.



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