Lost in the Mists

Saima's Journal: The Carnival

Well, the carnival did not turn out to be nearly as horrific as I anticipated. Here’s to small miracles in Ravenloft.

We were taken on a tour of the carnival before it was open to the public. The show was… Interesting. I was entirely unimpressed with the “vampiress” who was certainly not a vampire at all. I’m more vampire than she is. I was absolutely delighted by the Orc demonstrating his sword play. Other than that, I found everything else mildly amusing. We deemed the faire safe but were asked to keep watch while the public enjoyed themselves.
I must admit, part of me was highly tempted to leave with the carnival. The ability to leave this place and to travel to other parts of Ravenloft called to me. But then I remembered Megan. I returned to her later that day with a makeshift purse I purchased from one of the gypsy children and told her that she needed to stay home. She put up quite a fuss; was Astrid ever disagreeable like that?? It’s so long ago that I cannot recall. I explained to Megan that I could not protect her and perform my duties at the same time. She finally agreed to stay put if I promised to start training her to protect herself. It will be interesting to pass on my swordmage knowledge to someone. I guess I should; I am the last of my family after all.

I have been thinking a lot about the tarot card that the fortune teller placed in front of me. The Devil: the representation of duality, the struggle to find strength in times of conflict, or to be consumed by a darker nature. I haven’t fed on blood in quite sometime, but the flecks of red are still present in my eyes. I must stay strong now, for Astrid and for Megan.



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