Lost in the Mists

Star Chart 954

Cosmic Event R303-S429-N178 : The star Caldris, and it’s partnered stars have been set adrift from their aligned course, their star paths shattered like so much fragile glass. Only one star is anchored to Caldris and that is Caiphon the Dream Whisperer. In the distance two stars stand in an opposing alignment, Bitralis, the Scholar, and Viamut, the Coachman. These stars are held in the warping twisted sway of Gibbith, the green star. Caldis and the other heavenly bodies will cross their paths, but whichever star raises ascendant, Nox the Darkness In-between has assured that Morstael, the Weeper will rise above all.
I am truly at a loss, I spoke with a Vistani Seer this evening, and her powers of foresight were incredible. She possessed a deck of tarot cards which somehow were tied to the stars. Using these cards she read our futures and revealed some disturbing insights. She also gave me a warning: That when Nox knows I am reading it’s future I will no longer able to trust my predictions. I must be careful moving forward, I will have no choice now but to only read charts that give me the immediate future, or perhaps I will simply trust in the guiding star Caiphon. The Dream Whisper grants infallible insight, I am beyond certainty that Nox holds no sway over the futures Caiphon can predict. Yes, that will be my path. I had read years and years ago that there is a specific formula of star charting that adjusts the perceptions of the enactor to more clearly see the truths Caiphon has to offer. I will have to find the journals again, I’m sure there is a way.
All of this dreadful distraction has left me little time to examine the matter at hand. The carnival which has come to Miredus is torn. The woman that runs the carnival, Isolde is said to be a fair person that displaced the last master and bettered the lives of those that worked there, however a man known as Professor Pacail told us that Isolde affected the carnival folk with a magic that deformed them. The Professor beseeched us to strike Isolde down for him and end her wickedness. The signs I have seen in my star charts tell that in this instance, there is no right answer. Perhaps Isolde’s magic is deforming the workers, but perhaps she is also keeping them safe and fed. Perhaps the Professor is no better a person and would be worse for the troupe. All I know is that the Weeper will have its way. Sorrow will follow whichever choice we make. Knowing that is both sad and comforting. I will not look further ahead see which choice we make. Though the future is already write, this time I shall wait to see what the future holds.



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