Lost in the Mists

Star Chart 967

Cosmic Event R349-S493-N208 : The convergence is complete. The star Mordred has been surrounded in a perfect triangle by the stars Vint, Ashlon, and Linterrece. Together they drift towards the event horizion of the Black Star, Aphix. The five celestial bodies aligned with Caldris come into alignment with Halliuos, The Champion, while Caldris itself drifts into a perfect alignment with Caiphon, the Dream Whisperer, and Laxis 12. Tonight Caldris’ hue almost matches Caiphon’s exactly.
Tomorrow we finish it. Tomorrow we will enter Vosk’s tower, ascend to his throne room, and send his night blaCk soul screAming Into the abyss of the night sky to forever dwell in the Darkness-in-Between. My allies stars have aligned htiw 2.7863 X 8.7691( 3674.9176 / Y) = D sq. eht star Hallious, they shall be victorious. It is disturbing to see that my nwo star has Perfectly aligned witH Laxis 12. Y+ 6.832 / X= X cb. tO the power of W repeatiNg. I suppose tHis meAnS I have in fact gone mad. I am confuSed as to HOW this caN be, what with how perfectly I can V= 5.9347 X 8.1200001( Q + 91283.748= .502714 / S sq.) see the future now. After Vosk has been slain I will once again be free to entrench MysElf in my work. I will THEn be able to Y-3748.3749( 834.192 / H cb.) piece together WhAt .000027365 to the power of Z + Q( 64532 -28.734 + C) Caiphon is trYing to tell me. C= .928374 + .38274 sq. (8372940.82974 X .298376) / 7384.278 + C – 738.2761( J + .28176 cb.) – 6.9283 X R+ 827365. 8273………………. (the equation continues for the next 17 pages.)



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