Lost in the Mists

Star Chart 983

Cosmic Event R367-S521-N235 : The star Mordred is no more. Aphix has devoured it completely and it no longer holds power over anything. Every star in the heavens now hangs almost lifelessly in the darkness of the sky. Some exceptions remain. Ursa , the Bear star and Vaishis, the Blood Soaked Blade are currently being pulled heavily by the star Acamar. The entirety of the Laxis cluster pulls so heavily on the comet Zalbraik that nothing good will come from this. Only the Rashlin nebula and the star Galtris have seen relief after what has transpired. Lastly Cadris has taken on the exact hue, shape and movements of Caiphon, the Dream Whisperer. Yet, despite the changes, in the night sky of Miridus these stars paths have simple stopped.
It has been a month since my friends and I ended Vosk. My studies since then have brought about a startling insight. Allow me to explain: For years now I was under the impression that I had been examining and watching those celestial lanterns which hang in the sky. I was however quite mistaken, it was in fact the stars that were watching me, testing me to see if I was worthy of the power and knowledge that they possess. It was after this discovery that I began having near constant vertigo. I’ve fallen down the stairs no less than five times in the last month. I’ve also had lapses in time, finding myself standing in the middle of town talking to people that moments later I would discover where not there. One of the most worrisome things to transpire was when my right eye stopped working. It drifts in random directions now and has become completely cataract; well it worried me at the time. After the dream I had last night, it all makes sense. I dreamed of the night sky, and in it I saw the constellations known as the Watchman. Caiphon is part of this constellation and in the dream I was drawn up to Caiphons form and it was there before the star, that I saw it was not a thing of light and fire, but a living and writhing mass of…….something. The form opened up like a maw or an iris and consumed me. There inside of Caiphon it dismantled my mind and placed it’s knowledge inside. When I awoke I could see clearly. My left eye had changed. Its entirety changed to the same purple as the Dream Whisper. I now know that I am to work as Caiphons spy-glass to view things here in Ravenloft and Caiphon shall in turn be my Watchman and guide me on my path. It has already been written.



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