Barovia is a land nestled within the central portion of the Core. It is a heavily forested area with three major mountains dominating the sky. The Barovian landscape is packed with dense woods, cold rivers and green valleys. Though a rugged land, Barovia is a place of wild beauty and truly earns its title of “land beyond the forest”.

Due to the elevation, the summers are pleasant but cool and short. The winters are bitterly harsh, with heavy snow that lingers well into spring. The terrain is unforgiving and most inhabitants almost never leave the safety of their villages. In the rare cases where a Barovian must travel, he or she will stick to the Old Svalich Road for safety. Wild wolves and darker creatures prowl the night and the deep woods.

A handful of small hamlets dot the Barovian map and there are four main villages: the Village of Barovia, Vallaki, Berez, Krezk, Zeidenburg and Teufeldorf. Count Strahd von Zarovich XI rules this land from his fortress of Castle Ravenloft, but the Count is distant and aloof. He allows the people of Barovia to rule themselves with no interference so long as they keep the peace and pay their taxes.

The people of Barovia are superstitious and do not trust outsiders readily, but they are a good people that eek out a full existence in the harsh land. The Vistani can be found throughout the country, and they seem to be accepted readily by the Barovians—-even if they aren’t trusted.


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