Lost at Sea

Our heroes had been given a bit of respite after their previous grim adventure. But there is truly no rest for the wicked and they were quickly called to action once more. Curious of course that they were the first responders to an alarm of a ship on the dead sea in the east. Standing on the shore, our players watched as the large ship drew ominously closer. Most of them had never seen such a vessel before, and felt growing dread as it raced towards the kingdom. There was some collective sigh of relief when the ship raised a white flag and stopped its approach some distance from the shore.

A small dingy left from the ship and was met at the beach by our heroes and the assembled Order and Midnight Watch personnel. On the small boat was the First Mate of the Briny Pig Vert Lumier and two swabbies. Vert explained that he was the First Mate of the ship and was the messenger of Captain Cresson. The crew of Briny Pig wished to parley with The Council and arrange a mutually beneficial agreement between the people of Miredus and the sailors. The Briny Pig was in need of new sails for their vessel and could offer several tonnes of grain in exchange. They also requested assistance in a strange task, but would not give any details. For this, they offered knowledge about the land of Ravenloft.

The Council needed to decide on the best course of action and allowed Vert Lumier to rest in Miredus. He was closely watched by our heroes that night and they learned many things. Lumier entertained the townsfolk with tales of the land he hailed from. Apparently, he and his crew were from a forgotten realm called Toril, a land of great magic and wonder. They had been sailors and privateers, living on the seas, far from the politicking of the mainland, where they could find freedom. Alas, that was not how their story ended and they found themselves spirited away to Ravenloft. Trapped here they were seeking a way home. The heroes listened to these stories, but doubted the sincerity of Lumier and his men. Indeed, Lumier’s evening charades cast serious doubt on his humble façade.

The Council agreed to aid Captain Cresson and tasked our cast with helping them. After rowing out to the boat through a strange pod of sharks, the heroes arrived on the Briny Pig and met with the haggard Captain Cresson. The captain greeted them warmly and explained his great travels through the seas of Ravenloft. He explained that some people, and lands, vanish from their home plane and find themselves trapped in our world. The Captain also explained that each of the “realms” had an appointed “ Dark Lord”.

The heroes speculated on this new knowledge and Captain Cresson explained the task he had for them. He told of the ship’s first Captain, a man named Fermier, who had led them to this dark world. They had been tricked into believing there was an easy way home by a man named Cobb, a man Cresson suspected was one of the Dark Lords. After months of servitude, the ship left Cobb’s land and sailed around the world, searching for a way home. Imagine their despair when they could not find one. And Fermier reportedly gave into a great despair. He began having dreams about an island and was convinced that the way home rested on that island. Against the wishes of the crew, he sailed to this grim island and rowed ashore. He never returned and the crew sailed away out of fear.

Cresson lamented the loss of his Captain, but assumed the role of leader for the ship. They continued to sail, searching for a new way home. The crew of the Briny Pig eventually met with a wandering group. This group were members of the Vistani race, and they could travel through the barriers of a Dark Lord’s realm. Cresson met with a Vistani woman named Elderia who told him that the way home for his ship could be found with Captain Fermier’s spyglass. The Briny Pig reluctantly returned to Fermier’s Island with Elderia as a guide. She offered to retrieve the spyglass in exchange for treasure. Alas, some darkness claimed her as well and the Vistani never returned to the ship. The crew of the Briny Pig sailed away immediately, and came to the first place they found—-Mirderus. Captain Cresson pleaded with the heroes to venture to the island of death and retrieve the spyglass.

The heroes agreed and the ship made its way to Fermier’s Island. They reached the dreaded place and rowed to the shore. On their way to the beach, a foul creature rose from the depth and attacked. It was a hideous aboleth and it whispered dark thoughts to each of them. Though its vileness was great, the heroes quickly defeated the aberration and found themselves ashore on the island.

The sandy crag in the middle of the still sea offered little comfort to our heroes following the fight against that aberration. They set out to find were Captain Fermier rested—or roamed! The group almost was lost in a bog on their way to the island’s hilltop, but that would have made for a poor story and they arrived at the summit. There, propped up against a boulder, was the body of the Captain Fermier. At his feet lay the corpses of his crew, former players of the Mists. The party had but a moment to reflect on the scene before them when the corpses of the lost Briny Pig crew reanimated as expected. With the quickness of the grave, the former Captain claimed the heroes as betrayers and assaulted them with his diseased saber. Our heroes triumphantly destroyed the former sailors and put them to rest. After recovering Captain Fermier’s spyglass, Goodman examined the corpses and concluded that the former sailors had committed suicide—-likely because they had been marooned on the dread island.

The party returned to the Briny Pig and noticed the attempted charms of the crew were long gone. It took very little to piece together that the current crew of the Briny Pig were the mutineers responsible for the death of Captain Fermier and the loyal sailors. They also realized that Captain Cresson was likely one of these “dark lords” but one of limited power. How astute of our heroes! A dark lord cannot be trusted and Barlow quickly deduced that the pirates of the Pig were certainly going to attack Meridus once they landed.

Our players set a trap for the Pig, lighting a fire below decks and racing to confront Captain Cresson. Unfortunately, they forgot a truth about the Dark Lords—-continual awareness of their prison. The Captain and his men struck at the heroes in the thrilling melee. Using black powder firearms and cut-throat tactics, the pirates inflicted serious wounds to the party, but in the end the wickedness of the mutineers was finally punished by the heroes from Meridus. The party escaped the sinking ship and were spared by the sharks encircling the doomed vessel.

And so ends the story of the villains and fortune-hunters of the Briny Pig. But we have a new story to follow—-

Lost at Sea

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