The Confrontation


With the acquisition of Vosk’s three fetters, the heroes of Miredus were prepared to confront their tyrannical dark lord! But Vosk was not to simply let them into his tower.

While attempting to breech the unopened door to the tower, an unkindness of undead ravens arrived to stop the heroes. But our players would not be stopped by something so minimal. They defeated the swarm of revenant birds and moved to the door. Goodman wore the Mantle of Trogen and attempted to open the door. With no effort, the door— which had been sealed since the city’s arrival to the Mists, slid open.

Inside the decrepit, dust covered tower, the heroes faced an elite guard of King’s Blade warriors. Soundly defeating them, the heroes breached the anti-chamber and rushed into the Grand Hall of the tower. And they faced an appropriately dramatic challenge. Apparently, once upon a time, Vosk was a member of an adventuring party. Vosk received his reward for his wickedness, as did his companions. The party here faced Cerik, once Vosk’s monk companion, now returned as a shadowy creature. Demiel, the former diplomat of Miredus, had been cursed to wander the Mists as a wailing shade. And Trelen, the archmage of Miredus, cursed them with his new powers as a lich. The former heroes of Miredus faced our players, and mocked that there was one other associate missing: Vosk’s former ally and cleric of Pelor. With terrible laughter, they welcomed their former friend Goodman! But even this revelation was not enough to shake the bonds of our players, and together they defeated Vosk’s allies and ascended the stairs to the upper level of the tower!

How unfair for such a shocking unveiling to occur just before a great challenge!

The heroes left the Great Hall and ascended the staircase to the Mezzanine. In this room the party found a large statue of Vosk, the same statue Vosk made from the melted statues of his bested adversaries and brought with him back to Miredus. Predictably, the statue came to life and attacked the party. Our players shattered the animated golem and bravely moved up the stairs to the Throne Room.

The Villain awaited them. Vosk Fayden, the Dark Lord of Miredus, sat on the throne flanked by his King’s Blade bodyguards. He mocked that he had been expecting the party, but was also surprised that it had taken them such a long time to face him. This revelation did not shake the heroes and they offered Vosk a quick death. Vosk spat at their offer and childed that they were all pawns of The Dark, just like him. Like pieces on a chess board, the party had been guided to this very moment to face their foe. He threatened that the Masters of the Mists had lost interest in him, and the party was here to end Vosk’s story. Either choosing not to believe this, or resigning to the fate, the party joined to face Vosk.

It was a brutal melee. Though his armor was tarnished, Vosk’s skill with the sword had not faded. He caused grievous wounds to the party, most especially his former ally Goodman. But, even the great swordsman couldn’t stand against the righteous might of the heroes for very long. From the throne that Vosk had sought to occupy, Garret blasted the Dark Lord with radiant light—ripping a hole through Vosk’s chest. But alas, this wound didn’t kill him. Barlow quickly realized that Vosk needed to be felled by the Sword of the Brother. Quickly passing Hans II’s sword between them, the party cut Vosk down for good.

Or so it seemed!

As Vosk’s corpse crumbled to the floor, his undead spirit ripped through his body and began attacking the party. Spewing hatred and anger over his defeat, the specter tried to drain the very life from the heroes. Once again, the heroes banded together and displaced the vile spirit from the keep. Acting quickly and guided by instinct, Garret placed the Crown of the King on Vosk’s lifeless brow and Goodman placed his corpse upon the throne of Miredus.

At the sight of the pitiful Vosk, now punished for his crimes, finally sitting meaninglessly on the throne he gave so much to take—-well one could not help but laugh.

With Vosk’s defeat and containment by his fetters, the darkness over Miredus seemed to have been lifted. The barrier of the King’s Blade was gone, with the former soldiers now at peace. In its place was a wall of Mist. The people of Miredus had not been returned to Jura.

What could this mean? No doubt the answers lie beyond the land of Miredus

The Confrontation

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