The Story So Far


The bards say that great trials make great heroes do they not? That calm seas never made for good sailors? Perhaps the sayings are true, but there must be a balance too. The same factors that rise mortals up can also pull them into darkness. People like Vosk for instance. Perhaps it is better to say that great trials offer an opportunity to forge your destiny. If so, then the people of Miredus have the potential for great deeds and great wickedness—-but greatness none the less. And the best stories to watch are the ones with heroism and villainy. And the Mists serve as the stage, director and audience of the drama. Tonight’s story concerns a band of heroes, brought together by fate—-or something else—- to save their people from this dark realm.

Gather around and listen, you may learn something about your own story.


Chapter One:
Grandmother’s House
Hymn to the Morning Lord, Verse 3
Star Chart 768
Star Chart 837
New Beginnings
Saima’s Journal: The Kids Are Not Alright
Life #32 – The Lost Children of Miredus

Chapter Two
Lost at Sea
Star Chart 852
Hymn to the Morning Lord, Verse 5
Strange times
Saima’s Journal: Stand Your Ground
Saima’s Journal: Flagpole Sitta
Hymn to the Morning Lord, Verse 6
Life #32 – The Curse of the Briny Pig
Life #32 – Never Trust a Pirate

Chapter Three
Deathly Revenge
Star Chart 899
Life #32 – The Hangman’s Noose
Hymn to the Morning Lord, Verse 7
Life #32 – The Mad Merchant
Hymn to the Morning Lord, Verse 8
Star Chart 912
Saima’s Journal: Hurricane

Chapter Four
The Festival of the Feasting Lord
Star Chart 928
Life #32 – The Fellowship of the Feast
Hymn to the Morning Lord, Verse 9
Hymn to the Morning Lord, Verse 10
Life #32 – You Are What You Eat
Saima’s Journal: Maneater

Chapter Five
Vosk’s Announcement
Life #32 – Dead Men DO Tell Tales
Life #32 – The Devil Wears Elyse
Saima’s Journal: Fear of the Dark
Hymn to the Morning Lord, Verse 11
Star Chart 934

Chapter Six
The Carnival
Life #32 – Freaks from the Mists
Star Chart 954
Hymn to the Morning Lord Verse 12 and 13
Saima’s Journal: Holding On to Life
Saima’s Journal: The Carnival

Chapter Seven
The Key to the Tower
Life #32 – Tomb Raiders
Hymn to the Morning Lord, Verse 14

Chapter Eight
The Hall of the Kings
Life #32 – Enter the (Skeletal) Dragon
Star CHart 967

Chapter Nine
The Confrontation
Life #32 – Dawn Rises when Darkness Dies
Saima’s Journal: Haunted Man
Hymn to the Morning Lord, Verse 16
Life #32 – The Dawn of Hope
A new beginning
The beginning of the end

Chapter Ten
The Endless Road
Star Chart 983
Hymn to the Morning Lord, Verse 17
A Servant’s Tale
Life #32 – The Long Road to Havensguard
One missed step
Life #32 – Ghoulbusters
Servant’s Tale 2
Life #32 – The Wight Decision
A servant’s tale, part 3
Saimia’s Journal: Truth Beneath the Rose
Life #32 – Peace Returns to Tranquility

Chpater 11
The Necropolis
Dream in Darkon
Life #32 – You Only Live Twice
Life #32 – Now I am Become Death, the Destroyer of Dark Lords
A servant’s tale, part 4

Chapter 12
The Plains of Nova Vassa
A Servant’s Tale, part 5
A grinning Child
Life #32 – Can’t Leave Kantora
A servant’s tale, part 6
The Grinning Child (cont)
Life #32 – The Mean Streets of Kantora

Chapter 13
The Hunt
The Grinning Child (cont)
Life #32 – A Long, Cold Night
Life #32 – A Vorostokovian Werewolf in Ravenloft
Saima’s Journal: Sweet Dreams
Life #32 – The Howling

Chapter 14
Welcome to Barovia
Life #32: A Vampire in Monk’s Clothing
A servant’s tale, part 8

Chapter 15
Midnight Dinner
Grinning Child Cont
A servant’s tale, part 9

Chapter 16
Unholy Experiments
A servant’s tale, part 10

Chapter 17
The Sunsword

Chapter 18
The Coven

Chapter 19
Parting the Mists
A servant’s tale, part 11
Dark Musings

Chapter 20
Assault on Castle Ravenloft
A servant’s tale, part 12
A servant’s tale, part 13

Chapter 21
The long journey home
Whispers in the Mist

Chapter 22

Chapter 23
The City of Midnight

Chapter 24
[[ The Shadowheart ]]

Chapter 25
The Battle for Gloomwrought
King of the Ashes

The Story So Far

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