Long ago the kingdom of Miredus was one of the central nations on the continent of Jura. Far from the northern sea, Miredus was a powerful nation is plentiful fields and vast resources. The harvests were great and the winters were soft. The Meridan army, led by the skillful King’s Blade knights, protected the kingdom from monstrous threats and incursions of bandits. Years of peace allowed the people of Miredus to prosper and grow, but this also earned the kingdom the envy of the four other human nations in the land: Resimir, Grullan, Endril and Strava. When Tobias IV- the last king of Miredus- died without an heir, the neighboring kingdoms sought to sack the kingdom. Trogen, advisor to Tobias IV, as chosen to act as Regent of Miredus and command the King’s Blades in the war known as the King’s War.

Ten years of constant war with the other kingdoms gravely weakened Miredus, but also struck low the other kingdoms. A peace was finally reached and a treaty signed. Miredus conceded many of its holdings but was granted a respite from the war. The people of Miredus breathed a sigh of relief and entered into a period of peace for another decade.

Six years ago, a terrible drought ravaged the kingdom of Miredus. The former enemy kingdoms were unaffected by the drought and turned their backs on the kingdom. As people died in droves, the new Regent Vosk Faydan began to advocate war with the other kingdoms. He argued that the other kingdoms’ were attacking Miredus with their neglect. He also argued that the civil war had depleted the stores of the kingdom and was responsible for the current plight.

Within a week of empassoned and moving speeches, the Miredian army tripled in size. Vosk led the King’s Blades against the neighboring kingdoms, becoming a frenzied horde. During this Drought War, the Regent proved to be a capable battle leader and the other kingdoms were not prepared for such a brutal attack. Two of the neighboring kingdoms, Endril and Strava, were defeated and sacked within a month. The other two, Resimir and Grullan, sued for peace. Vosk mocked their plea, and quickly crushed their armies and razed the kingdoms to the ground.

Though the victory allowed the kingdom of Miredus to survive, the Miredian people became increasingly worried about the atrocities Vosk was reported to have committed. Vosk returned to Miredus with the vast spoils of war and had forced reclaimed the lands surrendered in the civil war. He returned to the kingdom, with the King’s Blades now acting as his personal bodyguard, and declared that he was the new King of Miredus. A grand feast was held in his honor and the kingdom prepared for Vosk’s coronation.

The ceremony was in full swing in the central court yard. Vosk discarded the scepter of the Regent and refused the crown of King Tobias IV. His own personal silver crown was placed on his head. As the crown touched Vosk’s head, a peal of hideous laughter began to rise above the music of the ceremony. People began screaming and Vosk began bellow “No! No!” The laughter began to get louder and a terrible wind picked up speed. People looking to the sky saw the stars go out one by one until there was nothing but pitch black above them. Panicked, people raced away from the ceremony. The wind continued to gain strength as Vosk began striking at fleeing citizens with his sword. The fires and lights of the city could not stand against the wind and within a few minutes the entire kingdom was plunged into total darkness.

For hours there was nothing but the darkness, the wind and the screams. Unknown creatures were attacking people outside and all people could do was huddle in their homes praying. Dawn came with a weak sunlight and the darkness faded away. The people of Miredus ventured out and surveyed the damage. A third of the citizenry was dead or missing. Many buildings had been destroyed and Vosk was nowhere to be seen. The people tried to open the main doors of the King’s Tower, but found them locked. No amount of force or skill could open the doors. And, upon investigation, they found the land very changed.

Fifty miles from the city, the land was encircled by the soldiers of the King’s Blades. Now they stood unresponsive, but attacked any person trying to cross them. Beyond the soldiers, a think cloud of mist obscured what lay beyond. A handful of skilled warriors were able to cross the King’s Blades with high casualties. They explored the world beyond the mist and found that the kingdoms of Endril and Strava are no more. In their place are stranger kingdoms unknown to Jura. The land is known as “Ravenloft”.

For the past five years the people of Miredus have tried to eek out an existence. It appears the Miredus has been transported away from Jura by unknown powers. The gods of Jura appear to have no power, but in their place new gods have contacted the people. With the depleted population, there are more than enough farmlands to feed the kingdom. The citizenry is mostly focused on new threats, for monsters prowl the forests and the dead do not rest easy any longer. The soldiers of the King’s Blade now act as a border to the kingdom. Most of the time the soldiers attack anyone coming near to the border, but sometimes they stand idly by to let travelers pass. One thing is for sure, even death does not absolve a soldier of his duty and scores of undead are now in the ranks of the King’s Blades.

Vosk is rarely seen, and when he is it is always from the parapet of his tower. The people of Miredus govern themselves with a council, but it is clear that Vosk has power over the land. Strange and monstrous things arrive in Miredus, often they mean harm but sometimes they offer aid to the people. The priests seek aid of the new gods to find a way to return to Jura. Above all, the people of Miredus seek to survive and not give in to despair in this dark and sinister land.


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