King's Blade

The King’s Blade were the elite troops of Miredus that served as the Knightly Order of the King. These cataphracts were heavily armored cavalry and infantry that wielded a great array of weapons against their foes. Initially, only 500 in number, the King’s Blade faced Miredus’s foes with steadfast vigor.

In the King’s War, the Blade often repulsed massive assaults on Miredus and was responsible for many victories. However, they required support to win battles and as the main army of Miredus dwindled, so did the effectiveness of the King’s Blade. After the war ended, the King’s Blade became the bodyguard of the Regent.

Vosk Faydan was one of the King’s Blade during the regency of Trogen. Though never renowned for battle prowess, he became the Rearguard commander of the Blades. He advocated their numbers be bolstered and under his guidance the number of the King’s Blade rose to 2000.

When Trogen died of old age, Vosk became an unlikely candidate for regent. He was voted into office and immediately devoted resources to equipping more Blades. The terrible drought that came months later stuck the kingdom low, but Vosk advocated for a war of vengeance to save the kingdom. He allowed convinced the elders to go to war and marched with the King’s Blade against the neighboring kingdoms. The Drought War turned the King’s Blade into marauders, razing villages and plundering farms in order to save Miredus. Because of the skill and increased numbers of the King’s Blade, the four enemy kingdoms of Miredus were laid to ruin.

Whatever curse befell Vosk and the people of Miredus reserved a cruel stroke for the King’s Blade. All 3000 of them have become cursed, losing their will and soul, forever garrisoning off Miredus from the rest of the strange new world. Most of the time, these soldiers attack anyone trying to cross the barrier with terrible fury, but sometimes they do not lift a hand to anyone. It is unknown what causes this. This living wall is immense, and must be made up of more than the 3000 King’s Blade present at Vosk’s ceremony. Some whisper that the bulk of the new troops have been recruited from the graves of former Blades.

King's Blade

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