h6. Statistics

Population: 14,000

Leadership: Vosk Fayden (in name), The Council

Flag: Silver Falcon on a green field


Miredus once laid in the center of the southern plain of Jura. Since the events of Vosk’s coronation, the kingdom and 50 miles in all directions haven lain in a strange and haunted land. The original farmlands and plains of Miredus are still intact, but the weather is much more humid now. Miredus is bordered on three sides by the undead King’s Blade and a wall of mist beyond. On the eastern side, Miredus is bordered by a saragossa sea with a hazy horizon. Never competent sailors due to their pervious landlocked position, the people of Miredus have not explored this sea. Indeed, few explorers have passed the King’s Blade into the mists beyond and returned. Those who have report a grim and haunted world with dark kingdoms bordering Miredus. Thankfully, the forces of these other lands have no noticed the new kingdom.

Formerly an impressive city of high stone walls painted bright white, much of the city has fallen to a humbler appearance. There are limited resources in the land now and trade with the other kingdoms has not been attempted. Buildings are repaired as simply as they can be, with heavy focus on the city walls. Indeed, the walls are now a patchwork mess of wooden barricades and mud intertwined with the great stone. The fire brigade is constantly on watch for any out of control flame for fear a blaze would leave the city completely defenseless.

Life is Miredus is tense and bleak. Though there is ample land, crops grow poorly and there is rationing during the winter. The former professional army of Miredus now serves as the barrier for the people, but does little to stop supernatural incursions. Creatures from the mists frequently come and attack the surrounding farmhouses and occasionally strike the city itself. The dead do not rest easily, and many clerical rituals are performed on the recently deceased in hope that they do not rise again. Most of the time this is effective, but sometimes it is not.

The Midnight Watch now serves to protect the people of Miredus from supernatural threats. Serving alongside them are The Order magistrates, focusing on more mundane but equally important issues.
Vosk issues decrees once a year from his tower, but otherwise does not directly govern the kingdom. The Town Council manages the Midnight Watch and the Order, as well as regulating the farming and resource management. The economy is mostly a barter system backed by some gold.


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