The Mists

“The Mists” represent both supernatural mists throughout the land of Ravenloft, the name of the plane itself and a malign intelligence responsible for suffering throughout the world.

As far as the name, often the world of Ravenloft is known as “the Land of the Mists”. This comes from an increased frequency of natural mist, and supernatural mist, that occur throughout the plane in every domain.

The supernatural nature of the physical mist is a thing of legend in Ravenloft. Commonly, the Mists border all domains and occasionally rise within a domain. Many “outlanders” (people from another plane) report experiencing a strange mist before arriving in Ravenloft. People traveling into these mists have been known to experience confusion, lost time, teleportation and disruption. Some people that enter the mists are never heard from again. Occasionally, contained within these mists are fell creatures made of darkness and fog. These beings seem to be as evil as any undead or demon and serve as another tormentor of the people of the world. Indeed, the Mists are often a sign of ill-omens and are avoided whenever possible. The only people that seem to be uncaring of the mists are the Vistani, and their nature remains a mystery.

As for the intelligence of the Mists, it is common for people to blame bad luck on “the Mists”. Many people experience grim coincidences throughout their lives, and this is also attributed to The Mists. Ironically, there are often stories of great evil being punished and justice easily dealt…a feature also attributed to The Mists. The legends contradict themselves often and people debate endlessly.

The Mists

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