Unholy Experiments


Following their midnight dinner with Count Strahd, the party rested in Vallaki until they were ready to depart for Zeidenburg. They decided to travel on the Old Slavich Road past the village of Old Barovia towards the Queen’s Road. As they planned on facing vampires, our heroes endevoured to rest at a weigh station for the evening and approach Zeidenburg during the noon sun.

True to Strahd’s word, the journey from Vallaki was uneventful. They past Castle Ravenloft in the weak afternoon sun and continued to an inn at the crossroads called the Knight’s Glen. Stopping there, they laid down for the evening to rest. But they were to find no succor there! In the middle of the night, the innkeeper and a hellish ghoul attacked the party. Split up and bereft of armor, the party had to defend themselves against the fiendish cannibals. Fighting between the rooms and in the hall of the second floor, the party struggled to fight their foes but they were able to vanquish the vile creatures. A quick search of the basement showed that many other travelers had fallen to this trap.

Continuing on from the haunted weigh station, the party arrived at the crumbling town of Zeidenburg. They found the village all but deserted, with clear signs of struggle throughout. Lucas found one building occupied by a young family, who reported that they were hiding in the various buildings, trying to avoid drawing attention from Lyssa. The villagers explained that at night vampires prowled the town killing any that they found out after dark, and sometimes the vampires would send monsters to destroy havens. Few villagers were left in the town and everyone was afraid to leave their houses, regardless of fleeting the security may be.

Outraged, the party marched right to the manor house where Lyssa was nesting. At the gate they encountered two large flesh golems and piles of human bones. The bones came together as a sentient mob and the flesh golems attacked the party savagely. After destroying these guardians, the party descended on the manor.

Inside they found a nest of vampires and a golem made of corpses. Lyssa von Zoravich greeted her foes and unveiled a terrible abomination of her own design: an illithid vampire! She mocked the party and attacked.

In the entrance hall of the moldering manor, the vampires attacked our heroes. Goodman’s holy light destroyed the throng of vampire spawn instantly, leaving Lyssa and her two bodyguards to face the might of our heroes. illithid The horrible illithid vampire was quickly destroyed before it could unleash any of its terrible power. Unfortunately, our heroes were not as quick with the cadaver golem. The disgusting construct brutally beat Goodman and Garret to unconscious, with Garret’s flesh being torn from his bones. Even with such grievous wounds, both of our players were never in any true danger and quickly recovered. The golem was destroyed and Lyssa forced to flee to her crypt to recover.

Pursuing the foul undead, the heroes raced into the basement of the mansion. Inside they found the remaining abominable experiments protecting the helpless body of Lyssa. Mind flayer vampires attacked the party and used frightening mind magic to control Garret and Saima into attacking their friends. This domination vanished with the aberrant creatures’ deaths. Unopposed, the players heroically slew the defenseless vampiress.

Searching the eldritch laboratory, Barlow uncovered the true scheme of Lysaa. The vampire had been abused by Strahd for decades, and escaped the Castle with some important magical tomes from Azalin Rex. Through this, she was able to bind several alien illithids to her will and create undead mind flayers, a feat never before attempted due to its atrocity. Lyssa had theorized that the vampire mind flayers would be able to reproduce “naturally”, giving birth to hundreds of mind flayer vampires. Within a few years she would have an army of these abominations and could march on Castle Ravenloft. Barlow theorized that Lyssa could have at least partially succeeded, but there was no way she would be able to control so many powerful psionic creatures. Either way, the Mists would have been certainly doomed had she continued her insane scheme.

In the library of the vampire’s haven, Goodman found a curious journal of deep magical power. This book was filled with a beautifully written tale of death and despair, and gave deep insight into their adversary: The Fallen. But this book surely has a deeper part to play with their quest, and Madam Fortuna had said that the number 3 would be important to them. One wonders what next our heroes should do.

Unholy Experiments

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